Kia Motors
111 Peters Canyon Road
Irving, California 92606
Kia Motors
231, Yangjae-Dong, Seocho-Gu
Seoul, 137-938, South Korea

About Kia

Kia, which means "arise out of Asia," began as Kyungsung Precision Industry a company making steel tubing and bicycle parts. In 1952 the company changed its name to Kia and began creating motorcycles in 1957. In 1962 Kia produced its first truck and finally in 1974 their first car rolled off the assembly line. In 1985 Kia partnered with Ford and produced several Mazda derived vehicles for domestic sales into other countries. These models were the Pride and the Avella which were sold in the U.S. as the Ford Festiva and Ford Aspire.

In 1992 KIA Motors America was incorporated into the U.S. The first car sold in the U.S. was the Sephia in 1994 and a few years later they expanded their North American line with the Sportage. In 1997 Kia filed for bankruptcy and was bought by rival South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai who outbid Ford who had previously had a large stake in the company. After some restructuring and divesting Hyundai now owns less than 40% of Kia.

Kia Motors operates in most countries around the world and has a headquarters in both the U.S. and Europe. In 2010 Kia had net income of $8.5 billion and sold over 2 million vehicles worldwide.

For 2012 Kia is introducing all-new Soul and Rio5 models. The 2012 Kia Soul in is available in eight cool colors and gets an estimated 34 miles per gallon on the highway. It is available with more than 40 accessories and includes SiriusXM satellite radio and Bluetooth wireless technology. The all-new Rio5 will be available fall 2011 and has been redesigned to be sportier with a bold internationally-inspired design. The 2012 Rio 5 has increased space, enhanced design, and a high level of both quality and comfort.


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