Top 5 Best (and Worst) States to Own a Car In

CarLocate Team, July 20, 2011, 08:11AM

You would guess that owning a car in Hawaii or Alaska would be more expensive due to the all the shipping costs involved in getting the car there, then the price of gas is sure to be higher for the same reasons.  But if you lived in Connecticut would you expect owning a car in New Hampshire, which is only 100 miles away to be less?  Surprisingly, it is!

It all has to do with state taxes…New Hampshire doesn’t have them so the purchase of the car and the gas bought to put in the car will be cheaper. In fact, owning a car in New Hampshire will be almost $9,000 cheaper over five years than owning one in Connecticut. did a study and found that New Hampshire, South Dakota, and South Carolina are the best states to own a car.  Hawaii, California, and Alaska are the worst.

Here’s the complete list with an explanation of why these are the best (or worst) states to own a car in.

State Average Five-year cost Why
Hawaii $53,163 Highest gas prices in the country
California $52,377 High prices on everything from fuel to maintenance
Alaska $51,902 High insurance, fuel, and maintenance costs
Nevada $50,644 High taxes and maintenance costs
Connecticut $49,890 High insurance
Wisconsin $43,058 Lowest insurance in the country
North Dakota $42,832 Lowest financing costs of any state
South Carolina $42,383 Sales tax capped at $300, cheapest gas
South Dakota $42,013 Low insurance, taxes, and fees
New Hampshire $40,602 No sales tax, low cost insurance

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