How do Awards Influence Car Sales?

CarLocate Team, June 30, 2011, 08:36AM

Each year numerous awards are presented to automakers and their cars touting their safety, innovation, fuel economy and so many others.  But what do these awards really mean to the sales of vehicles?  Do these awards really have an influence on possible car buyers?

A study by AutoPacific proves that these awards do indeed have an effect on car sales. To get the results of this study Auto Pacific conducted an internet survey of 869 adults, asking them to gauge the importance of several purchase influencers including radio and TV ads, internet ads, magazines, direct mail, and awards, among others.

The results of the survey showed that awards based on safety ratings and awards based on owner ratings were the two biggest influencers in the decision to purchase a specific car. Forty-three percent of participants would be most influenced by awards based on safety ratings and 38% of new vehicle purchase decisions would be influenced by awards won based on owner ratings. Awards presented by magazines rounded out the top 5 influencers of purchasing decisions.

Awards based on safety ratings by the NHTSA attracted the attention of 73% of participants while awards from Consumer Reports would influence 65% of the study participants.
It’s clear from this study that how those in the industry and the general consumer rate vehicles both based on safety and performance can have a very large influence on what decisions car buyers make when looking for their next vehicle. It’s up to automakers to heed these results and continue to work hard to earn these influential awards.

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Author: CarLocate Team


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