OSU and Pryor’s Nissan 350z Woes

CarLocate Team, June 3, 2011, 04:21PM

While we normally strive to bring you the latest news in the automotive industry, some recent news in the sports arena caught our eye.  Never fear though, a fun sports car plays a big role in this one…

With the departure of Jim Tressel still in the closing phases at Ohio State, Terrelle Pryor, OSU’s streaky and gifted starting QB, has done nothing to staunch the flow of controversy at this once proud university.

Recently spotted in a 2007 Nissan 350z with temporary tags, Pryor adds yet another controversy on Ohio State’s plate. Pryor had his driver’s license suspended for 90 days due to unpaid tickets resulting from a Feb. 19 incident in which he failed to stop at a stop sign and then failed to report to court. This resulted in a $141 fine plus court fees and the suspension of his license, which meant he shouldn’t have even been driving the car. Adding to this controversy is the fact that Pryor might not have even paid for the car, which Carlocate.com lists at an invoice price of $26,145.

Pryor has been seen around campus in a variety of vehicles and has been suspended for receiving improper benefits. He and four other teammates traded signed memorabilia for tattoos and cash, which naturally will generate controversy with the driving of a relatively new sports car. Pryor’s attorney Larry James claims those rumors are false and provided the purchase agreement for the 2007 350z which Pryor’s mother signed for and paid $11,435.06 for after trading in a Dodge Charger that had a value of $7,253.

Pryor’s recent car fiasco does nothing to quell these rumors and the controversy that is being generated at OSU. These issues with Pryor are now becoming the focal point of the current NCAA investigation. OSU’s President Gordon Gee and Athletic Director Gene Smith had no comments for the press about this issue with Pryor.

Failure to report the improper benefits which involved the tattoos (and allegedly marijuana) for memorabilia is what inevitably led to Coach Tressel’s resignation. Sports Illustrated recently released an article outlining Tressel’s history of ignorance and misconduct in his tenure at OSU and Youngstown State. That article also goes into further details about all of these scandals and others.

For the moment though Gene Smith has to be hoping these problems will go away faster than the Nissan 350z Pryor drives or OSU’s future looks more explosive than a Ford Pinto!


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