CNN Money : Shopping Smart for Cars Online

CarLocate, February 23, 2010, 02:47PM

In an article that CNN Money recently posted, they spoke of what to do and what not to do online when shopping for a new car.

We were fond of this article for a few good reasons:

  1. People like to shop... and we at CarLocate encourage it!
  2. Most people don't want to be pelted with too many e-mails.

Now you see, we took these points into consideration back when was merely a twinkle in our eye. CNN Money pointed out that on some sites, when you request to get a quote on a car that you are likely to get "dozens of e-mails from car dealers"... This is where differs from those other sites that simply take your personal information and pass it out like it is Halloween candy. When you use, you will only be in touch with the dealer that YOU TOUCH BASE WITH! So, if you see a car that you are interested in (or even several), you can fill out a form on CarLocate or call that dealer directly and they are the ONLY ones that get your info.

If your car shopping experience isn't complete once you contact a dealer, this is where CNN Money says to take what you learned from the first touch point and to call up other dealers. Again, nothing wrong there! Feel free to contact dealers that you find on CarLocate that are in your area until you find that exact car that fits your needs and style! That only seems smart, right?

"Smart Car Shopping".... That rings a bell.....

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Author: CarLocate Team


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