New 2010 Cars - New Lexus Models - HS250h Hybrid

CarLocate, December 23, 2009, 10:13AM

The new Lexus hybrid is the latest car to catch the eye of many people. You have seen us talking about hybrids and other green cars on this blog. You have seen us talk about luxury cars, too. Today, in talking about the Lexus HS250h, we get to talk about both.

With gas mileage in the mid-thirties being a result of a combination of different Toyota features, this luxury hybrid combines proven comfort with proven technology. The HS250h gets a large portion of its hybrid technology from the Prius while the fuel-burning counterpart to the hybrid-drive is carried over from the Toyota Camry.

For many people, the Toyota Prius might be the more logical choice when considering overall budget, but for those of you accustomed to the more up-scale look of a Lexus, this is the more luxurious option for you! By comparing the initial looks of the two interiors (see below), there are some differences, but to truly decide which is best for you, you might have to shop and compare. Find a local Toyota dealer and a local Lexus dealer, schedule a test drive, and see which fits YOU best. 

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