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CarLocate, December 22, 2009, 12:51PM

In a world full of extremes where a lot of the buzz is around either gas-sipping two-seaters or gas-guzzling SUVs, it isn't too often that we hear talk of wagons. I remember sitting in the back of a station wagon on long family vacations, facing the drivers behind us. This often made us feel awkward or drove us to make faces at the other drivers to get a laugh. Either way, it is a feature in vehicles that is far in the past. With minivans and SUVs consuming most of the market of "family vehicles," things have changed. While you can no longer find anything with a rear-facing third row of seats, a few more brands have recently introduced their versions of wagons that at least look like wagons from the outside. The Dodge Magnum has stepped down and the classier American wagon of today, the Cadillac CTS Wagon, has stepped into the game.

While you can pick up a used Magnum with SRT8 power, Cadillac has not yet introduced a version of the CTS Wagon that matches the power of the Sedan CTS-V. Huge power hopes aside, this wagon has some very nice features. To help those people who are used to the all-wheel-drive of their SUVs, buyers can choose between RWD and AWD regardless of their selections of the luxury, premium, or performance styles that are available. Engine variations are all V6 but displacement options give some added kick for those willing to spend a little more for it. Most of the luxurious features that you would otherwise take for granted in a Cadillac, are available, making this grocery-getter more like a rolling living room.

Before your family's next vacation, stop by your local Cadillac dealer and test drive a CTS and leave your traditional thoughts of a wagon behind you. (Trust me, they won't stick you with a "Wagon Queen Family Truckster.")


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