Past Figures, Present Rides: Marie Antoinette

CarLocate Team, August 24, 2011, 10:31AM

Marie Antoinette and the Maybach Landaulet So Marie the good people reading the Blog want to know what car you own.

Marie Antoinette- I don’t drive, I feel that it is beneath someone of my class and position…former position. As for cars I own plenty of them from a Bugatti L’Or Blanc to Mercedes-Benz to Bentley. I even think my family even owns a Peugeot…a Le Man’s prototype of course but still a bit low class for us. Anyway, I personally get chauffeured around in a Maybach 62S Landaulet. A Maybach, very interesting, I’m curious how the French people take having their Queen driving a car made by the Germans. You were after all under suspicion of aiding the Austrian interests against the French after all and I don’t think the French would like that. Nor would they like the increase of $1,000,000 in national debt for a car.

Marie- The French people can think what they want about me but their thoughts and concerns are beneath me. As for the $1,000,000 it is a worthwhile investment for my health and that of my son. The Dauphin’s medicine can be held in the refrigerated center console along with my own. Also, I had my miscarriage when trying to close a heavy carriage door, the Maybach’s Pneumatic Door Closing Assist prevents me from straining myself to open or close a door should the need ever arise, which it shouldn’t as the chauffeur should be using the Electronic Rear Door Closing. Well it seems to be a…very prudent decision to get this car. Just out of curiosity was there anything you didn’t like about this car?

Marie- It came with two extremely tacky hand-polished 925 sterling silver champagne flutes. I’ll have to go get some platinum or gold ones later that are more appropriate. Yes…925 sterling silver is just so…tacky. It just wouldn’t do. Since you haven’t mentioned the AMG sourced bi-turbo V12 that generates 620hp while only getting 10mpg in city miles, I have a question about that.  With gas in France at an absurd $5.54 a gallon what do you say to all French people who think you are consuming too much gasoline?

Marie- Let them use diesel. I am literally speechless right now. By the way, here comes Maximilien Robespierre and his Jacobin friends so I think this is my queue to leave. To all our Blog Readers check back in two weeks for another “Past Figures, Present Rides” post.

Background Information:

Marie Antoinette was the wife of King Louis XVI of France. She is most famous for a quote that most historians say is misattributed to her which is when asked about the famine and lack of bread in the French countryside she replied, “Let them eat cake”. Alas much of the life of Marie Antoinette is misattributed as many believed her to be a harlot, lesbian, an Austrian spy, and was accused of incest. None of those claims were never backed up or proved by any real historical accounts. What can be attributed to her is the vast amounts of spending she did in the decoration of Versailles Palace and Chateau de Saint-Cloud both of which were elaborately decorated and furnished. In the end, she was executed by guillotine on charges of treason by the National Assembly in 1792. 


Check back in two weeks for our next installment of Past Figures, Present Rides and our interview with George W. Bush.

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Winner or Dinner: The Best and Worst Vehicles for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

CarLocate Team, July 22, 2011, 03:36PM


Zombies, the flesh eating, limb rending, undead terror that have been the basis of many horror movies. In every zombie movie you see people try to flee from the undead in a variety of usually unsuccessful methods. So one day at the water cooler, the great minds that compose the Carlocate Crew got together to debate the issue of what vehicles would be the best and worst for surviving a zombie apocalypse. A contest was created to see who could come up with the best and worst zombie apocalypse vehicles. The winners, as picked by’s Department Head (a zombie killing fiend), received bragging rights amongst some of the finest car blogging minds.

The following series “Winner or Dinner: The Best and Worst Vehicles for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse is the compilation of this contest. Each week we will post the runner up for either best or worst and will culminate with the ultimate best and worst car for surviving the zombie apocalypse.

If you take issue or enjoyed this series go ahead comment in the comment section below and you will be entered to win a t-shirt!


Week 1

Best Car for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse Runner-Up: Maybach 62

As you exit the store with your weekly groceries you notice that everything seems eerily quiet…and then you notice that those in the parking lot are moving slowly and in some sort of trance. It appears to be a zombie apocalypse! As you race to your car you search frantically for your keys praying that this one time you can find them and make it into your car before a zombie attacks you. 

Then you remember…you arrived at the store via a Maybach 62 and don’t need your keys to unlock or start your car, with its Keyless-Go system As long as the keys are somewhere on your person the doors will unlock when you touch the door handle.  Once you jump into your car just push the button on the gearshift and the engine comes to life.  Those few seconds you saved by not searching for your keys could’ve been the difference between life and death.

The comfort features of this vehicle will ensure that while speeding away from the zombies you will not be bumping all over the road. The Maybach 62 is equipped with the Sensotronic Brake Control system. This system is able to modulate the brake pressure required for each wheel with great precision.  The PARKTRONIC system is able to detect nearby zombies (or other obstacles) and send an alert to the driver of their proximity and direction.  This system can help you maneuver through the parking lot and streets as you make your escape.

The Maybach 62 has a 430-mile driving range which should put enough distance between you and the undead walking the city streets. The weight of this car, all 6,330 pounds of it, makes it almost impossible for the zombies to attack your vehicle and flip it in their attempt to get you.

Inevitably, you will be forced to sleep in your car on your journey to safety. The Maybach 62 comes standard with fabric window curtains for all four windows.  You can climb in the rear seat, draw the curtains and be safe from the undead stare of the zombies.  With the curtains drawn they won’t even know there is someone in the car. While trying to sleep in a car can be difficult the 62 comes equipped with reclining rear seats that are upholstered in leather and feature multi-contour seatbacks with dynamic lumbar supports. All seats are electrically adjustable for height, seatback and cushion angle, cushion length and head restraint height.  The extending and reclining seats are fit for a private jet!  Sleeping in this vehicle while a zombie siege takes place outside should be no problem.

Finding something to eat during a zombie apocalypse could be a challenge; but with the 62’s standard rear refrigerator you will have no trouble keeping any food cold. A fully stocked refrigerator will help you keep your wits about you and survive this tragic event. When you’ve finally made it to safety or the zombie “army” has been wiped out you can toast to your survival with the silver champagne flutes that come standard with every Maybach 62. Simply because you are in the midst of a zombie crisis there is no reason not to travel in style.  The Maybach 62 is the perfect vehicle for surviving the zombie apocalypse or simply for taking a night on the town!


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BMW, Daimler, and Volkswagen in Top 10 Most Reputable Companies

CarLocate Team, June 16, 2011, 04:19PM

When you think of reputable car companies which ones do you think of? Apparently out of 1,500 consumers surveyed in over 15 countries the answer is any car company based in Germany. BMW cracked the top five at number four, Daimler (Mercedes-Benz/Maybach) ranked seventh, and lastly, Volkswagen came in tenth in the Global RepTrak 100 Study. The next closest automaker was Honda at 29th and not a single American manufacturer made the top 100.


While European automakers enjoyed success the top three most reputable companies, Google, Apple, and Walt Disney were all based in America. Overall while most of the companies were American, there was a good spread of international companies. LEGO (Denmark), Sony (Japan), Canon (Japan), and Intel (USA) rounded out the top 10 besides the companies already mentioned.

The way this survey was conducted was that 1,000 companies scattered over 41 countries were surveyed in their home country for their reputation. The top 100 of those companies were taken for the overall study. Then those 100 companies were surveyed over 15 countries which were Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Spain, UK, and the USA. In each country 100 people were surveyed and they ranked five randomly assigned companies to generate the scores for each company. These scores were averaged and the higher the average the higher your rank. Despite the befuddling methods used to calculate the rankings the end results speak for themselves.

See the full list of all 100 companies here.

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Author: CarLocate Team


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