6 Reasons to Buy a Car from a Dealership

  1. Shopping Convenience: Dealers typically have a variety of vehicles to choose from – new and used. For the utmost convenience, you can wander a dealership's car lot from the Web to find the exact cars they have available and how much they cost. You can also find any current sales or lease specials that are being promoted throughout the dealership.
  2. Auto Financing: Dealerships can offer personalized financing options, keeping in mind your particular financial situation.
  3. Vehicle Warranty: Car dealerships usually attach some kind of warranty on all vehicles, even used vehicles.  Also, every used car typically gets a thorough point-by-point inspection.
  4. Auto Service and Repair:  Dealerships have fully equipped service departments and certified car service professionals to help you maintain your car and complete any necessary fixes.
  5. Customer Service at the Sale: From helping you find financing… to putting 10-day tags on your new car… to sending you off with a full tank of gas, dealerships will assist you with all aspects of the sale.
  6. Customer Service after the Sale: Dealerships have a vested interest in maintaining good customer relationships. Their reputation is on the line everyday as a business. Many dealerships will often go the extra mile to make sure a customer is satisfied.

November 2009


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